Hi, my name is Noel Chan and I am a developer. I've developed apps, websites and digital installations. I've worked for AKQA Singapore, Formul8, BBH and currently I am with Kinetic.

I've used Objective-C, Swift and Java in some projects but most of my work are web-based technology. I've touched on technology including WebGL, Web Audio, HTML5, Javascript, NodeJS. I've also briefly worked with AngularJS.

Besides programming, I am also very much involved in the creative thinking process. In Kinetic, I was involved as part of the team in the ideation, the shoot and the post-production of a TVC brief.

Currently I am based in Singapore but I am willing to relocate. Please contact me at noel.chanwh[at]ymail.com.

My work can be view via http://noelchan.prosite.com/
You can also find out more about me at
Twitter | Linkedin | Github